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Founded in 1999, Kingdee is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of cutting tools. It is a leading provider
of overall solutions for cutting tool systems in China.At present, jiandeli has set up production bases in Shunde,
Guangdong, Chengyang, Qingdao, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, Jiangjin, Chongqing and Linyi, Shandong. It has nearly 100 sales and technical service personnel. Its business covers the whole country, Southeast Asia and North America. It has set up grinding after-sales centers in more than 10 cities to serve more than 10000 end customers nationwide. It has also jointly designed and developed cutting tools with wellknown domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises and established a long-term strategic partnership.
As a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, jiandeli has continuously introduced high-precision numerical control processing and testing equipment from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, continued to improve, and gradually
built an automatic production line for carbide, diamond and disposable saws. With more than 20 years of experience in tool manufacturing and application, the company has cultivated a professional tool service team to provide customers with tools covering furniture, doors and windows, solid wood, wood-based panels, flooring, electronic circuit boards, high-speed rail High end cutting tool products of various industries and categories, such as aerospace; For the whole line automation of solid wood CNC machining center, flexible and intelligent panel customization, production line of door and window sawing center, provide drilling, cutting and milling tool supporting schemes, and accurately customize according to the customer's processing technology, material quality, equipment performance and other condition data, so as to provide customers with the best processing effect and efficiency.
Jiandeli adheres to the road of innovation, implements 5S on-site management, implements 9001 quality management standard, uses ERP cloud management system, attaches importance to tool research and development, has more than 50 patents for various inventions and utility models, and has won the titles of "specialized and special new", "intelligent production factory" and "high-tech enterprise".
The future has come, and ingenuity will go far. Jiandeli will continue to focus on the R & D and manufacturing of highend cutting tools. With the advantages of industry brands and market networks, it will establish a direct sales & franchise model, uphold the marketing concept of "being proficient in details and selling personality", provide customers with highquality cutting tool products, technical services and Solutions, meet customers' needs and create value for customers!
Jindeli Jinan branch was established
Gendeli Siyang branch was established
Gendli Jiangshan branch was established
Gendry Lankau branch was established
Qingdao Jindeli Company 5S lean production management, VI enterprise visual image design; Overall improve the company's production efficiency and efficiency, enhance the company's corporate image.
Gendry Lankau branch was established
Jiandli company positioning quality year, improve tool quality, shaping domestic first-class tool brand.
Gendeli Wuhan branch was established
Guangdong, Shanghai, Qingdao company invested nearly 30 sets of EDM CNC equipment to increase the production of diamond saws.
Jindeli Linqu branch was established
Jiaxing Zade tool Co., LTD
Guangdong Jiandli company adjusted the sales strategy, established custom home, bathroom, integrated materials, civil furniture, wooden doors and other market segments, trained a professional technology and sales team, with domestic Sophia, Opai, modern Zhumei and other domestic first-line brands to form a long-term cooperative relationship.
Jindeli Linyi branch was established
Jiandeli Heze branch was established
Qingdao Jiandli company began to develop and produce tenon tools, with the popularity of new Chinese furniture, tenon tools increased demand, the company increased CNC turning and milling, machining center, Germany Hanmer balancing machine, Germany Keshi knife and other precision processing and testing equipment.
Chongqing Chengang Technology Co., Ltd. was established
Qingdao Jindeli Company purchased German Vollmer alloy saw blade production equipment to improve product quality; Purchased Beijing Linghua CNC EDM equipment to start the production of diamond tools.
Foshan Yaofu Saw Industry Co., Ltd. was established to produce carbide saw blades and PCD saw blades.
Qingdao Jindeli Company registered subsidiary Qingdao Gaozhi Trading Co., LTD. Began to cooperate with Italy Rui Invincible, Germany AKE, Germany Le Ke, Taiwan Yuhong and other well-known brands in the industry to meet more high-end customer needs.
Qingdao Jindeli Company set up the saw blade department, began to alloy saw blade production and grinding services.
Shanghai Zade Tool Co., Ltd. was established, serving the furniture industry in the Yangtze River Delta Economic zone, mainly manufacturing woodworking tools and selling various woodworking accessories.
Qingdao Jindeli Tool Co., Ltd. was established, based in Qingdao, do through Shandong, mainly produces carbide non-standard customized tools and woodworking accessories sales.
Jiandeli tool brand was founded in Shunde, Guangdong Province, the establishment of Guangdong Jiandeli tool Co., LTD., the main production of carbide tools, service Pearl River Delta home industry.
Gendeli Group is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of carbide cutting tools, diamond cutting tools and saw blades. We are always committed to providing our customers with the best products and services. To this end, we have set up major production bases in several places across the country, including Qingdao, Guangzhou and Shanghai, as well as service centers throughout the country. Our professional technical personnel and advanced professional production equipment, so that we can focus on doors and Windows, solid wood processing, wood-based panel processing, furniture manufacturing and aluminum plastic processing and other types of tool products R & D, production, sales and service.
Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangdong three companies together, complementary advantages, division of labor, with many woodworking tools, saw blades of professional and technical personnel, the introduction of Germany Weil, Germany Volmer, Germany Hanmer, Germany Kaeshi, Taiwan Jie Feng and other high precision CNC processing and testing equipment, 2013 jointly established Chongqing Chen Gang Technology Co., LTD., the introduction of advanced professional production equipment, Focus on the research and development of woodworking tool raw materials production, from the source to ensure the stability of tool quality; The company is committed to all kinds of cemented carbide tools, diamond tools, saw blades R & D, production, sales and service, to provide customers covering doors and Windows, solid wood processing, wood-based panel processing, furniture manufacturing, aluminum-plastic processing and many other categories of tool products.
In order to better serve customers, Gendelli sales technical service personnel all over the country, business throughout the country and Southeast Asia, North America, in more than 10 cities with grinding after-sales center, to provide customers with one-stop tool solutions. Jindeli has been walking on the road of innovation, the implementation of 5S field management, the implementation of 9001 quality management standards, the use of ERP cloud management system, attention to tool research and development, has more than 50 patents for invention and utility model, and won the title of "specialized and special", "intelligent production factory" and "high-tech enterprise". We are committed to providing our customers with high quality and efficient tool products and services to meet their needs.
The future has come, we will continue to focus on the development and manufacturing of high-end tools, industry brand and market network advantages, mutualism, the establishment of direct sales & franchise model, adhering to the "fine details, sales character" marketing concept, to provide customers with high-quality tool products, technical services and solutions to meet customer needs, create more value for customers!
Jiandeli tool brand was founded in 1999, belongs to Guangdong Jiandeli Tool Co., LTD. Qingdao Jiandeli Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003.
The company is committed to all kinds of cemented carbide tools, diamond tools, saw blades R & D, production, sales and service, to provide customers covering doors and Windows, solid wood processing, wood-based panel processing, furniture manufacturing, aluminum-plastic processing and many other categories of tool products.
According to the development needs of the company is recruiting the following positions!

Salary: 4000-10000/ month + business commission

Responsibilities: Follow up old customers and develop new customers

Requirements: more than 2 years of experience, good at communication, good character, obey the company management.

Excellent business manager

The salary starts from 4000, the salary after apprenticeship gradually rises, and the comprehensive salary is 5000-7000

Requirements: Both men and women can adapt to small night shift no work experience required

The age range is between 20 and 45

CNC equipment operator

Benefits: The company provides free accommodation, dormitory with air conditioning, single rest, insurance, enjoy national holidays.

Working hours: 7:50 am -17:30 PM overtime 18 yuan/hour

Address: No. 24, Hua 'an Road, Xiazhuang Street, Chengyang District, Qingdao

HR contact number: 18653258830 Ms. Hu

Expert in Overall Solutions for Cutting Tool Systems
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