Jandli focuses on the research and development and innovation of metal cutting tools, has won more than 100 national patents, strives for excellence, and strives to combine equipment and technology, improve production rate, reduce energy consumption, extend the stable use time of products, and provide customized services.
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Jandeli focus on woodworking tool research and development and innovation, won more than 100 national patents, excellence, and strive to complete the combination of equipment and technology, improve production rate, reduce energy consumption, extend the stable use of products, provide customized services.
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Jandli specializes in providing customized solutions for metal tools, designed to meet the various needs of customers in different sectors. Milling cutter, drill, cutting blade, machine knife and other products, Gendeli metal tools are widely used in automotive, aviation, aerospace, rail transit, mold, general machinery and other fields, to provide customers with high-speed, efficient, high-precision processing solutions.
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Jandli company has production and sales service teams in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Economic Zone, Chongqing, Southeast Asia, etc., focusing on high-end tool customization, professional equipment matching, providing allround tool solutions for wood industry customers, designing and developing efficient tools together with woodworking equipment manufacturers, continuously innovating and improving, and creating value for customers.
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Focusing on company dynamics, interpreting tool knowledge, analyzing industry hot spots, sharing product experience, we will present all news and information to you at the first time. Here you can get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Gendry tools.
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