I have all the qualities of human character came in first, more than wisdom, innovation, emotional intelligence, passion, and so, I believe that a person's character if they have a problem, this person is not worth a company to consider hiring him.

----- --Dr. Kai-fu Lee, a former Microsoft vice president, said.
•Deli brand quality ---- strong base •

Quality is the lifeline Kennedy Deli and power lines. The quality of a company's products not only determine the fate of the enterprise, but also on behalf of corporate character. "Quality" is a necessary condition for the survival of enterprises, but also Kennedy Deli management not break the bottom line. Kennedy Deli people rely on the quality, innovation and brand reputation to win the mass consciousness until a wedge into the hearts of the bones.

• character ---- Kennedy Deli soul of the brand •

Character is the basis of brand, good character in order to create a good brand. Kennedy Deli requires each employee to establish high moral character, a profound understanding of the "details determine success or failure," the true meaning, to cultivate good work habits, relying on good character, good products.

Corporate brand name is derived from the product and the product above its cultural experience. Kennedy Deli people to continue to give "Kennedy Deli" brand on new meaning and implication, in order to obtain the recognition and customer loyalty.
Jiandeli stressed that "nuclear first." "Quality from character" is the core brand idea. The core concept is the forerunner of the company's development, the core of the quality of the company's survival is the cornerstone of development.

Kennedy Deli all people is the persistent uphold the "quality comes from character," the core values of the enterprise, hard work and excellent progressive, everyone strive to create value in itself embodies in ordinary jobs value.

In 2020, Qingdao jiandeli Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of money in the development and production of high-end CNC cutting tools and diamond saw blades in order to continuously meet the customers' requirements for the improvement of aluminum alloy, aluminum profile, wood plate processing and cutting technology. Now, due to the expansion of production demand and the upgrading of new products, it wants to recruit all kinds of skilled, skilled and virtuous talents Combined with the requirements of the company's environment and corporate culture, the production-oriented and technical talents will join the company for common development, achieve long-term and stable win-win situation with the enterprise, and jointly develop and enhance, so as to realize and sublimate personal value.


In 2020, the long-term recruitment of Posts and excellent reserve talents are as follows: Job Responsibilities / benefits / working environment


1. CNC lathe and ordinary lathe operators:

CNC lathe workers and manual lathe workers 2 people, skilled in technology, independent programming and operation, starting from 6000 yuan, the salary of those with stronger technology will be discussed separately.


2. Tool designer:

2 tool designers, proficient in plane and 3D drawing, proficient in 4-axis or 5-axis programming, can operate machining center better. The salary ranges from 7000 to 10000, technical shares or year-end dividends can be given to those with rich industry experience.


3. Cutter saw and welding tooth Technician:

2 diamond cutting tools and saw blade welding personnel, education and gender are not limited, salary from 6000 yuan, industry experience is preferred.


4. Grinding and management personnel of diamond saw:

Two operators and two managers, familiar with the processing technology of diamond saw, skilled in the operation of cutting tools and saw blades, with more than 3-5 years of industry experience, with the ability to solve production problems, with a salary of 7000 yuan, the year-end bonus will be given to those with good responsibility and ability.


Benefits: the company provides free accommodation, dormitory air conditioning, 4 days off to pay insurance, overtime extra. There is a year-end bonus for half a year. There are full attendance award, length of service award and performance bonus every month. Paid holidays.


Working hours: 7:50-17:30. Rest on Sunday. Working time 8.5 hours


In the process of long-term stable and sustainable development in the next 10-20 years, enterprises need a large number of young, promising and willing to start from the front-line of production-oriented enterprises. With their own smart talents, hard-working and constantly learning professional skills, they can be trained, respected and realized their own value in the enterprises, and finally become Qingdao Jiande Ligong The lifelong beneficiary and practitioner of the company's all staff stock ownership plan is also the most perfect and perfect goal for the contemporary young people to achieve multi win and win-win situation with the company in their personal career planning.


Opportunities always favor those who are always ready and have vision. They are simple, peaceful, steady, conscientious, down-to-earth, self-discipline and rigorous ordinary people.


Would you be one of them?


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