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The JIANDELI brand was founded in 1999, which is belonged to four companies: Guangdong Jiandeli Cutters Co., ltd, Qingdao Jiandeli Cutters Co., ltd, Shanghai Zaide Cutters Co., ltd and Chongqing Chengang Technology Co., ltd. We four companies work as one company. Our advantages are melted together and everyone has their own field of working. The four owns a lot of engineers and technicians on woodworking cutters and circular saw blades. We also own a lot of CNC high precision grinding machinery and other processing machine , brands such as Germany Weili, Germany Vollmer and Taiwan Jiefeng, etc. In 2013, we established Chongqing Chengang Technology Co., ltd and purchased machinery specially for carbide metals from Taiwan and best Main land machinery specialists. With high precision machinery, engineers and technicians, we can focus on woodworking cutters manufacturing and researching. Our efforts make sure the quality and steady of the woodworking cutters from beginning to the end.

The four company focus on researching, manufacturing and selling of all kinds of carbide cutters, diamond tools, circular saw blades. We aim to supply our customers with all kinds of woodworking cutters and tools on doors and windows making, solid wood processing, wood based boards, furniture making, and aluminum processing, etc. As a service based manufacturer, Jiandeli takes advantage of good brand and market network to be true to ourselves and cooperates with other enterprises. We have established steady and long terms relationships with some of our home branded companies.

Our company will continue to adhering to our faith of “focus on details, best characters with best products quality”. We will work hard with our heart to create value for customers and provide a full range of solution on woodworking cutters.

Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangdong and Chongqing companies behave as one company

Melting advantages; work in cooperation with a due division of labor

We owns a lot of engineers and technicians on woodworking cutters and circular saw blades